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6 reasons why childcare is important for working parents

27 Nov, 2023

As a working parent, balancing a job and caring for your child is a difficult task. Doing so is even more difficult if your work offers little to no flexibility in hours. You may also feel limited in the ways you can boost your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development on a tight schedule. Finding a quality childcare provider will not only ensure a safe and stimulating environment for your child to develop but will also give you a more robust schedule for working hours. After caring for your child without external assistance for so long, you may feel understandably apprehensive about sending your child to day care. We have put together six strong reasons why childcare is an important step for you as a working parent – and for your child – to put your mind at ease.

Job security

With most employers offering set hours, it can be hard to care for your child full-time whilst maintaining consistent employment. Enrolling your child in a day care service allows you to commit more time to permanent working opportunities whilst securing a steadier income for your family.

Financially beneficial

The Australian Government offers the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), designed to help cover the cost of childcare fees. The CSS is calculated based on many factors, such as your income and how many hours you work to ensure you receive a fair amount for your circumstances.

Stimulating environment

As a busy parent, your child goes where you go – whether it be grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, or a visit to the bank. For an easily distractable toddler, it can be difficult as a parent to keep them occupied and entertained whilst completing errands. Quality childcare providers employ qualified professionals who facilitate a range of activities specially designed to educate your child in a fun and stimulating environment. In fact, an NICHD study shows that children enrolled in quality childcare services are more likely to show stronger language and cognitive development than other children.

Boosts social interaction

Your child needs to interact with other children to develop their social skills and better prepare themselves for Kindergarten classrooms. The American Academy of Pediatrics has published findings that high-quality care providers leave many positive lasting effects on children who attend, including improved social abilities. Childcare centres offer a safe and supervised setting for your child to interact with other children from different backgrounds.

Preparation for Kindergarten

School tours and orientation days are in place to introduce your child to Kindergarten. Still, many children struggle to adjust to the new environment of a primary school. A report for the NSW Department of Community Services found that children who attended pre-school the year before they started primary school showed more positive social behaviour. Pre-school provides a positive environment for children to develop the necessary social and cognitive skills needed to adjust to Kindergarten. Qualified care providers will encourage and guide this transition whilst monitoring your child’s progress.

Encourages routine

Childcare centres also provide structure and routine for your child, which can be hard to manage as a working parent. Setting a consistent daily plan can be even less feasible if you have unpredictable working hours or other obligations to fulfil. Day care centres promote a healthy routine of activities, helping your child adapt to new or changing schedules.

As a working parent, we understand the importance of finding a childcare facility that you can trust to look after your child. Reggio Academy only employs qualified professionals, who seek to supervise, educate, and encourage your child to the highest standards. Get in touch today to more about our high quality services.

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