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When Should I start Wearing a Maternity Bra

27 Nov, 2023

This is a question we get asked a lot at Hotmilk Lingerie!

We wish there were some set rules for you, however we are all unique and finding the right bra is no different. You may find your breasts don't change at all, or that your breasts are changing from day one – and don’t be alarmed if your new assets grow up to four - five cup sizes!

It is important to start wearing a maternity/nursing bra as soon as you notice your breasts starting to grow and change – typically this tends to be just after your first Trimester.

What's the difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra? Do I need both? A maternity bra is generally worn while you are pregnant and is designed in a way that doesn't place any pressure on your breast tissue. A nursing bra is typically worn while you are breastfeeding and includes nursing clips which allow the front of the cup to drop down for baby to feed. They also dont place any pressure on the breast tissue and are suitable to wear during your entire pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.

We encourage pregnant mums to look at wearing a nursing bra as soon as they start to notice a change in their breasts. Its really important to get fitted correctly and make sure you are wearing the correct bra size. This will reduce the risk of Mastitis and result in a happier breastfeeding experience.

Does it matter that my maternity bra has nursing clips? The clips are very discreet and tend to be the same colour as the bra. Buy purchasing a nursing bra in the early stages of pregnancy, you will save time and money later down the track! More important than anything else is that you make sure your bra is comfortable, supportive and not cutting in. This will reduce your risk of blocked milk ducts or mastitis and with Hotmilk you get the sexy factor too – bonus!

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