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Everyday mum's guide to wrapping your baby

27 Nov, 2023

PBC Expo spoke with Kim from Little Turtle Baby to get a step by step guide on how to wrap your baby using a jersey cotton wrap. See the steps and video below or watch the video here...

Step 1

Lay the wrap out on a flat surface (change table, mat, bed) and place your baby in the centre top of the wrap.

NOTE – for newborns and smaller babies, you can fold the wrap along the top edge. This makes the wrap a bit smaller and it also prevents strong “Houdini-like’ babies from being able to wriggle their arm out as their hand gets trapped in the fold.

Step 2

Take one corner of the wrap in your hand and hold your baby’s arm close to their body as you pull the wrap across their body firmly (and gently).

Step 3

Tuck the wrap under your baby’s body, ensuring the fabric is flat and smooth (so the baby isn’t lying on folds or wrinkles and is comfortable).

Step 4

Repeat the above steps on the other side - take the other corner of the wrap, hold your baby’s arm down next to their side, and pull across your baby’s body firmly.

Step 5

Tuck the wrap under your baby, keeping the fabric smooth (no wrinkles).

Step 6

Take the ends of the wrap (one corner in each hand) and create a “fishtail”.

Step 7

Fold the “fishtail” / bottom of the wrap up and place across the baby at shoulder level.

Step 8

One side at a time, tuck the wrap under your baby’s body, firmly and smoothly. The “snug as a bug” look is nearly complete!

Step 9

Depending on the size of your baby, you may have some fabric / a corner sticking out from under your baby. This piece of fabric can be folded and smoothed out on top of your baby.

Step 10

Mission complete! Happy baby snuggly wrapped and ready for a big sleep!

Find out more about Little Turtle Baby here

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