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Mission Statement

To empower first-time mums and parents by providing access to knowledge and trusted resources, and an objective spectrum of choice for a confident parenting journey.

The PBC BABY Expo (Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo) is committed to supporting growing families with access to information and a spectrum of choice.

We recognise that our audience has a variety of needs and PBC BABY Expo provides access to hundreds of Exhibitors, with many varied opinions on a huge array of topics, brands and services. In doing so we put individual choice at the fore-front of each visitors own parenting journey. Visitors across the year, the nation and the decades have continued to find this variety at our Expos and now through our online channels. As with all parts of parenthood, individuals weigh these options and decide the best course of action for them and their family. This empowers our audience to make up their own minds, knowing that not every choice is right for every individual or family.

We understand and are passionate about the industry we work in and proactively assist our exhibitors, with understanding the latest Industry standards and regulations to ensure they are complying with Australian Law. We won’t compromise when it comes to product safety and actively promote safe product-use and practices. Our duty of care to the parenting community is demonstrated by our constant communication and collaboration with regulatory or government bodies such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ( ACCC ) or key partners such as Red Nose Australia and Kidsafe Australia.

Please email us if you would like to voice concerns about any content or commentary in relation to our expos, exhibitors or published parenting information. We encourage a positive community, where each persons beliefs on what is right for them is respected. Whilst we support open opinion sharing and thoughtful debate, we reserve the right to remove comments on our Social Media sites that directly attacks or misrepresents our audience or our exhibitors.