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Tips for Buying Baby's First Shoes

27 Nov, 2023
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One of the most exciting things about having a little one in your life is getting to dress them up! Their little onesies and clothes are so cute - and let’s not forget about their shoes! How adorable are those little, teeny-tiny shoes? So when most people buy baby their first pair of shoes, they don’t usually put that much thought into it. “Those are cute - I’ll get those!”

But this is a common mistake. After all, your baby is going to learn to walk in those shoes. So yes, it can be tempting to buy $10 hard sole shoes from a discount department store, but your baby deserves shoes that will give them support during this special learning and development period.

The Truth about Babies Wearing Shoes

The truth is, babies and toddlers should be barefoot as much as possible when they are learning to walk. Much of what a baby learns is through their senses, and when a baby is learning to walk, they start to understand what different surfaces feel like on their feet. Walking barefoot also holds many other benefits for baby. For example, it helps them to keep their balance. Have you ever noticed that most times when your child falls down, they’re looking at the ground? That’s because looking at the ground puts us off balance. And as a little child just learning to walk, balance isn’t easy in the first place. But when baby can feel the ground with their feet, they can take in signals through their senses, allowing them to keep their head up. In return, they are less likely to lose their balance and fall. Additionally, going barefoot allows for optimal development. Baby’s feet are constantly growing and developing, and if they are wearing shoes all the time, their feet won’t form naturally. Rather, they will conform to the shape of the shoe.

The Importance of Good Shoes

Babies should go barefoot as much as possible. But while it’s easy for babies to go barefoot inside, it’s not always possible when we’re outdoors. After all, shoes are what protect our feet from hot and cold surfaces or other things on the ground that could hurt them - so they’re very important. But not all shoes are created equal.

When looking for baby’s first pair of shoes, you want to choose something that is as close to barefoot as possible. With the right pair of shoes, your baby will still be able to take in sensory information from the ground, improve their balance, and be able to develop their muscles and feet naturally.

What to Look for in a Baby Shoe

If you want baby to reap all of the benefits of going barefoot while still wearing shoes, it’s important that you choose a shoe that is good quality. You want to choose a shoe that: * is light-weight * has soft rubber soles that allow for easy movement of the foot * is flexible enough to bend over on itself * fits comfortably and allows for plenty of movement of the toes.

Buying Quality Shoes for Less

Most parents don't want to spend a fortune on their baby’s first pair of shoes - and rightfully so. Baby’s grow quickly and before you know it, they will need a new shoe in a larger size. The good news is, high-quality shoes don’t have to be unaffordable. At websites like, you can find high-quality shoes for girls and boys at prices that don’t break the bank.

Billycart Kids was conceived by owner Mandy Smolders, when she couldn’t find a good quality first-walker shoe for her daughter that was under $50. She saw a gap in the market between the cheap department store shoes that were not ideal for learning to walk and the high-end shoes that she couldn’t justify spending the money on when her daughter’s feet were growing so fast.

Billycart Kids has affordable first-walker shoes starting at $38.99 that will continue to promote your baby’s growth and development - and what’s more important than that?

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