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Tired Signs

27 Nov, 2023
Baby | Parenting

Identifying tired signs is the most important aspect of getting your baby to sleep. Unfortunately, identifying tired signs is often a topic that is overlooked when educating new parents. If you know your baby’s tired signs, then the majority of their sleep will be successful.

All babies show tired signs and it’s our job to try to recognise them. Sometimes these signs are so subtle that we miss them. Sometimes they can be as subtle as a frown.

Jerky movements accompanied by little arms and legs moving like they’re in a boxing match is the most obvious tired sign, together with a whingy-type cry.

Other tired signs to look for:

  • Your baby is more fidgety than normal
  • Red waterline under the eyes or red eyebrows
  • Averting their gaze, especially if you they were previously looking into your eyes while playing or ‘chatting’ with you
  • Your baby appears bored.

If your baby is showing any of these signs, they are trying to tell you they are tired and don’t want any more stimulation. It is time for bed.

As your baby gets older (around 7 months), their tired signs become more obvious – rubbing their eyes and yawning. Yawning by itself though is not a conclusive tired sign and needs to be accompanied by another sign for you to know that your baby is tired.

I always talk about babies being unique, that’s why I feel that when you try and follow a schedule, you’re only getting half the story - one that’s been generalised for the population of babies, and therefore sometimes it doesn’t work for you and your family. That’s why I’m a BIG promoter of watching your baby and following what their body language is telling you. The baby’s body language is their way of communicating with you, they are saying “hey Mum, I’m tired!”

Article written by Baa Baa Baby

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