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Why finding the right teat to support your breastfeeding is critical

27 Nov, 2023
Baby | Parenting

We know becoming a parent can be a little overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding the right bottle & teat for your baby, but don’t worry, help is here. Understanding why the shape & design is so important will help you find the perfect teat to not only assist you when feeding your newborn, but also offer gentle support to you both throughout your entire breastfeeding journey.

The way babies instinctively latch on to the breast enables them to efficiently feed, successfully digest their milk, gain weight, grow and develop. When your baby isn’t latching or sucking properly it can cause all sorts of issues, not to mention the pain and discomfort for you.

Finding a bottle & teat that will truly support your breastfeeding journey is critical to ensure there’s no confusion when switching between breast and bottle whilst also helping you avoid issues such as lazy feeding and weak latching.

Find a teat that’s unique in its design

It’s easy to assume all teats (pretty much) do the same thing, however, that simply isn’t the case. Taking the time to research and purchase the right teat will save you time (and heaps of money) in the long run. Babies who feed using a correct flow teat are much less likely to refuse the bottle, overfeed or swallow excess air, making the whole feeding experience less problematic and more successful.

Choosing a high-quality silicone teat that’s been carefully designed to match the way your newborn wants and needs to feed on your breast is what will ultimately protect your baby and your breastfeeding journey.

When your little one uses a teat designed to encourage their instinctive latch, it supports their natural, functional system of sucking, swallowing and breathing. As your baby latches on to a ‘correct latch teat’, it is pulled well into the mouth in line with the contour of the palate just as your nipple would be. This doesn't happen with all baby bottle teats and is one of the reasons nipple confusion is still an issue for so many families!

Why is it so important to have the right teat?

The way babies feed is critically important in the development of their muscles, jaw and facial shape as well as their airways and oral cavity. When you feed your baby it’s essential, you’re giving them the opportunity to continue to engage these same vital muscles hence practicing their ‘perfect latch’.

If you’re keen to give your little one (and yourself) the best possible start, you need a teat that gives you the freedom to offer bub a bottle, as and when you choose, whilst not disturbing your breastfeeding routine.

Why choose PPSU baby bottles?

When you begin the search for a baby bottle, you should always look for one that’s made from PPSU. PPSU baby bottles are the highest quality you'll find for feeding your little one and, when paired with the perfect teat, your family will have a five-star feeding system.

PPSU is a toxin free, incredibly durable plastic that resists extremely high temperatures such as those used for sterilisation. Simply put, they last and last. No discoloration, no shattering and no scratches.

By choosing to feed your precious baby with PPSU bottles you’re guaranteeing no nasty chemicals or toxins will leach into your baby’s milk. That’s right, with PPSU you’re giving the very best in safety and durability for your family

Benefits of choosing PPSU baby bottles

  • Safest toxin free plastic

  • Highly durable

  • Heat resistant at high temperatures

  • Ergonomic and easy to hold

  • Long lasting

  • Scratch resistant

  • Shatterproof

Minbie teats allow your baby to practice their instinctive breastfeeding muscle memory and when used with their ergonomically designed bottles, feeding your baby is even more comfortable for the whole family.

Article supplied by Minbie.

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