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Best Prams and Strollers at PBC BABY Expo 2024 | Compare and Test Top Brands

We understand that your time and money are precious. That's why PBC BABY Expo offer the largest selection of prams and strollers than any other retailer in Australia to try before you buy, all under one roof at exclusive Expo Only Sale prices.

We proudly feature 17 pram brands showcasing 40+ pram and stroller models, making us a unique destination for finding the perfect pram for you and your little one, all under one roof!

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What is the difference between a pram and a stroller?

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Prams vs Strollers: What's the difference?

In Australia, sometimes we might use the terminology "pram" and "stroller" like they're the same thing, however generally there are some key differences to consider:

Full-Featured Prams

Think of these as the SUVs of the pram and stroller world. They're bigger, feature-packed, and perfect for newborns thanks to a separate bassinet in most cases. As your little one grows, most prams will convert into comfy toddler seats. The downside? They can be a bit on the bulkier side.


Lightweight and easy to fold, these champions of manoeuvrability are ideal for busy parents on the go. They might not have a bassinet, so they're best suited for older babies who can already sit up. Think of them as the zippy hatchbacks of the stroller world! "Travel prams" also can fit into the stroller category and are a type of compact pram designed for easy travel and often fold very small.

Choose a pram if you need a full-featured option for a newborn and toddler, with comfort and all the bells and whistles being a priority.

Choose a compact stroller if portability, ease of use, and storage are your top concerns. A lot of families find a use for both over the course of their parenting journey as they navigate life with a little one.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual needs and lifestyle.

Try before buy: Pram Test Track at PBC BABY Expo

At the PBC Baby Expo, we know finding the perfect pram is essential. That's why we offer our Pram Test Track!

Experience how different prams handle various surfaces, ensuring you make the right choice and save money. Visit our next Expo in your city and test drive a pram or a stroller that is just right for you and your little one!

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What is the best type of pram for a newborn?

There isn't one single "best" type of pram for a newborn, but some popular options that prioritise newborn comfort and safety include:

  • Full-size prams with bassinets - these offer a flat, supportive surface for newborns, often with a separate bassinet attachment for the first few months.

  • Travel systems - these combine a car seat that clicks into the pram chassis, making transitions between car and stroller smooth.

How long can I use the pram for my baby?

How long you can use the pram depends on the type and your baby's development:

  • Full-size prams - often usable up to 3-4 years, depending on the weight capacity and your child's needs.

  • Bassinets - most suitable for newborns up to around 4-6 months, when they can no longer lie flat comfortably.

What features should I look for in a pram for my newborn?

Here are some key features to look for in a pram for your newborn:

  • Five-point harness - this ensures your baby is securely fastened in the pram.

  • Sturdy frame and good suspension - provides a smooth ride and stability.

  • Locking brakes - essential for keeping the pram stationary when parked.

  • Sun canopy with UPF 50+ protection - protects your baby from harmful sun rays.

  • Reversible seat (optional) - allows you to keep an eye on your baby or let them face the world.

  • Sizeable basket storage - a large basket underneath the pram is a great option for carrying shopping bags and other essentials.

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What else should I consider when choosing a pram?

It’s important to consider your lifestyle and needs when choosing a pram for your baby. Do you live in the city and need something manoeuvrable? Or do you go for long walks and require a sturdy all-terrain option? Make sure the pram folds easily and fits into the boot of your car.