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4 tips to optimise your health during pregnancy and postpartum

27 Nov, 2023

Looking at your nutritional intake is important to optimise your health during pregnancy and postpartum. Below are my top 4 tips regarding nutrition in pregnancy and postpartum.

  1. You need around 200-300 extra calories per day during pregnancy. The saying, "eating for two" is, unfortunately, a myth however, pregnancy creates extra need for certain nutrients, including iron, calcium, iodine and many vitamins.

  2. In a healthy pregnancy diet I recommend including fresh fruit and vegetables, meat or meat substitutes, well-cooked eggs, high fibre foods and 2-3 servings of low mercury fish each week.

  3. Remember to wash your hands well before preparing food and to cook meat thoroughly. When reheating food ensure that it is very hot and heated through. Safe food storage guidelines should be followed.

  4. Hydration is also important, with many new mums becoming dehydrated as they are busy caring for their baby. I recommend drinking 2-3 litres of fluids per day to maintain hydration. This is especially important if you are breastfeeding.

Tips supplied by PBC Expo Midwife

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