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Baby/ toddler first aid courses for mums and dads

27 Nov, 2023
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Many mums and dads have done a first-aid course of some sort, yet are often very unprepared when suddenly faced with a medical emergency, such as a choking child. This occurs for 2 primary reasons:

  1. Most parents have done courses through work that focused on adults and just touched on young children, which is a problem, as little ones are treated very differently to adults.

  2. Most parents have completed a course many years ago and have forgotten much of what they have learned. It is recommended that people refresh their CPR training in particular every 12 months, as knowledge fades with time, especially when not being used.

Family First Aid mostly runs private courses for parents in their own home for small groups of friends or family, but also runs public courses each month.

The director, Steve Lewsen, personally runs all courses, ensuring that the participants always know who their instructor will be, which is a major advantage compared to most other organisations. Steve has specialised in the child side of first-aid training for over 25 years and has personally taught well over 25 000 parents a wide range of first-aid skills, making him one of WA’s most experienced instructors.

*Reviews on his course can be found at:

Contact Steve: 9275 6666 or 0402 043 181.

Find out more about Family First Aid here

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