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Buying the right pram

27 Nov, 2023
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Buying the Right Pram

In a recent ACCC report, every year more than three hundred thousand babies are born in Australia and more than seven hundred thousand prams or stroller are sold. That gives an average of 2 prams or strollers per baby! It also means many parents may end up buying a second one because their initial purchase was unsuitable. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider carefully what you require beforehand and hopefully get a pram or stroller that will last you through.

When shopping for a new pram, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it, but it is useful to remember the 3 S’s. Find a pram that is Safe, Suitable for the baby and Suitable for you.

Pram Safety

This is the most important factor, but fortunately, all prams and strollers sold in Australia need to meet certain mandatory safety guidelines. These mandatory safety requirements are specified in the Australian/New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 2088:2000. Be sure to check the pram you are buying satisfies this standard which includes guidelines on the brakes, head barrier, safety harness and tether straps.

Besides this, other factors you may want to look out for are:

Check Stability: A pram with a broad and stable base is less likely to tip or shift over. You can test the stroller by pushing lightly down on the handle to see if it tips and rocking the pram from side to side to check if it will shift over easily.

Trap Hazards: Check for any areas where your baby's hands or feet are likely to get caught or pinched. Give particular attention to any hinges or spaces between footrests and ensure all finishings are smooth.

Safety Harness: Most prams should come with a 5-point harness. Make sure these are easy to adjust or fasten and stays taut.

Folding Mechanism: Make sure it can lock securely and stay in place. A collapsing pram will pose a danger to both baby and you.

Is the pram suitable for newborn?

A newborn needs to lie flat for spinal growth and development. In choosing a pram or stroller for a newborn you will either need one that can recline flat or comes with a bassinet attachment. Choose a bassinet if you foresee you will be using it frequently otherwise you may end up using the bassinet only a couple of times before the baby outgrows it. A bassinet will be a worthwhile investment if you are always out and about, or you enjoy taking long walks with your baby. It will be more comfortable for a baby to lie in a bassinet over a longer period of time.

Alternatively, you can opt for a pram or stroller that can recline fully. Strollers for babies under 6 months old needs to be able to recline at least 150 degrees to the horizontal to provide adequate back support. Make sure you check the manufacturer's guideline to ensure the pram or stroller you want is suitable for a newborn before buying. This is an ideal choice for parents whose preference is to have a pram or stroller system that is suitable for use from newborn to toddler. Nowadays, this is pretty common and many popular models have this feature.

Is the pram suitable for you?

Finally, don’t forget yourself! You are going to be the one using the pram ALL the time. It will be like your second car; your new accessory; so ask yourself:

  • Can you fold and unfold it with ease? - Especially when you have a baby to handle at the same time
  • Can it fit into your vehicle and can you lift it comfortably? - You are going to be powerlifting it in and out of your vehicle thousands of times over the course of its use.
  • Can you manoeuvre it easily or can you handle it comfortably and confidently? Give a thought to the kind of terrain you will be travelling on most of the time.

Buying a pram is the one time where touching and testing it is preferable to buying it online.

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