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Free V’s Paid Ticketing

25 Jan, 2024

What we’ve learnt by shifting from FREE to PAID ticketing & why it’s reaping rewards for our exhibitors and partners!

After 34 years in the industry, making the change from free to paid ticketing for our expo in 2022 wasn’t a decision made lightly. Since then, we’ve experienced a distinct shift in our visitor type and their behaviour at expo that has reaped rewards our exhibitors and partners.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve discovered since the shift, which further proves why paid ticketing as a direct comparison to free are winning brands over.

Exclusivity: Our paid expo offers an element of exclusivity, making attendees feel that they are part of something special. This exclusivity contributes to a sense of privilege and is more appealing to potential visitors.

Higher Quality Experience: Our paid expo provides a more curated and high-quality experience. Enabling us to invest more in industry specialists, premium venues, and overall better expo infrastructure, which enhance the overall attendee experience.

Professionalism and Credibility: The act of charging for admission contributes to a perception of professionalism and credibility. Attendees perceive a higher value in the expo due to the financial commitment required, attracting high-calibre speakers and sponsors, and elevating the overall status of the event. On average, 89% of our attendees felt more prepared, confident, and better informed as a result of their visit to expo.

Serious Engagement: Attendees who have invested financially are more committed and engaged. This commitment leads to higher attendance rates, active participation, and a greater willingness to explore and take advantage of the expo offerings. This is one of the reasons why our average spend per visitor at expo continues to increase.

Targeted Audience: The cost of admission serves as a natural filter, attracting individuals genuinely interested in the expo. This results in a more focused and targeted audience, which can be particularly beneficial for exhibitors and sponsors looking to connect with potential customers. We are also the only BABY Expo in Australia that publishes Lup verified visitor numbers. Openness and integrity are embedded in our core values as a business.

Sustainable Expo Planning: Revenue generated from ticket sales allows for more sustainable expo planning. This financial support is reinvested to improve various aspects of the expo, such as better facilities, top-tier speakers, enhanced marketing efforts, and logistical arrangements.

Financial Viability for Organizers: Charging for admission provides us with a direct source of revenue. This financial stability enables us to implement better planning and execution, contributing to the long-term success and continued growth of the expo. Ticket revenue has also enabled significant investment into marketing. In fact, we’ve more than doubled our promotional spend for each event, enabling us to reach large numbers and more qualified visitors to expo.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities: Our paid expo attracts professionals and enthusiasts who are more serious about networking. This creates a conducive environment for meaningful connections and collaborations.

From our extensive experience, paid ticketing has added depth, quality, and an overall premium expo experience and outcomes for exhibitors and visitors alike. It’s safe to say it’s certainly 'paid off’!

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