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How do you know if Wooden Toys, or those made in China, are safe?

27 Nov, 2023

Toy Safety is the practice of ensuring that toys, especially those made for children ages 0 – 3, are safe, usually through the application of set Safety Standards. There are several regulations and regulators governing the safety of toys in Australia but the Australian Consumer Law managed by the ACCC is the most important of these.

ALL of the toys sold by Wild Woodland Toys have been purchased through reputable Australian Wholesale suppliers who import and distribute high-quality wooden toys to Australian retailers. These suppliers source the products from overseas (mainly China) from ethical wooden toy manufacturers who only use wood from sustainable sources, as well as using safe water, soy and vegetable based paints, adhesives and coatings. The paints are non- toxic as are the natural oils and beeswax used to bring out the natural wood grain. All of these materials are certified and non- toxic. They undergo constant rigorous testing for safety in accordance with the strict guidelines for Toy Safety within Australia.

Ethical Wooden Toy Companies tend to have nothing to hide and their websites and packaging usually proudly feature various certificates and awards by safety and environmental organisations.

Traditional wooden toys are made of natural materials by skilled craftsmen, they are not mass produced in toxic plastic factories. As wooden toys substantially cost more to manufacture, their retail prices do tend to be higher. Plastic toys contain high levels of chemicals and toxins. Wooden toys are a much safer alternative as they do not contain these. This is particularly important with babies who tend to put everything in their mouths.

Whilst easy and convenient to purchase in mainstream shopping centres, mass produced plastic toys are designed to over stimulate with their noise and visual distractions. Wooden Toys inspire creativity and imagination in children. They create an environment of peacefulness and beauty as children engage in meaningful play. Wood is a natural texture, inviting children to touch, feel and explore. Plastic is not.

Wooden Toys are kinder to our planet as they don’t require batteries, electricity or even the software that the high tech devices require these days.

There are so many benefits of choosing wooden toys over plastic ones and fortunately, these days, we are finding an increasing trend towards this choice!

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