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How to choose the best travel changing mat

27 Nov, 2023
Baby | Parenting

A travel change mat is essential for making nappy changes when you are out and about, and most come with a pocket or two for holding all your nappy change essentials. So what makes the best stand out from the rest?

Here’s what to look for when choosing a baby change mat or nappy wallet:

1. Cushioned pad for your baby’s head.

A newborn’s head is especially delicate, particularly if they’ve come into the world with a vacuum or forceps delivery, so a padded section for your baby’s head is essential.

2. Padded centre for your baby’s comfort.

Many public baby change facilities are made of hard plastic surfaces and are not comfortable to lie on.

3. Water proof lining.

This ensures you can easily wipe it clean.

4. Pockets.

Does it have enough pockets to store everything you need? How many nappies can it fit? Look for a product that can easily store at least 4 nappies, wipes and extras such as nappy rash cream, disposable nappy bags and a spare onesie. Most diaper clutches or travel change pads have only one or two pockets, which really isn’t enough.

5. Wipes accessibility.

Can you access the wipes easily? Are you able to pull them out one handed? Some baby change mats come with clam shell style hard cases for the storing your wipes which is impractical for a variety of reasons: bulkiness, needing tow hands to open the case and inability to actually dispense the wipes to name a few. Ideally, your change mat should had a dedicated wipes pouch pocket, to allow for easy, one handed access to the wipes.

6. Compact size.

You’ll want to be able to throw it into your existing baby bag or handbag easily. Your nappy clutch should streamline your baby bag, not make it bulkier.

7. Baby safe materials.

It should be free from nasties such as BPA, Phthalates, PVC and lead. Check the labels to be sure.

8. One handed usability.

Can you open and close it one handed? Most of the time you’ll be holding the baby in one hand and trying to unfold the mat and set up everything you need to change your baby with the other hand. Velcro, zippers and clasps all require two hands and make laying out your change mat as well as packing everything up practically impossible while holding your baby.

9. Durable materials and stitching.

You’ll change up to 3,000 nappies in your baby’s first year alone, and many of those will be while out and about. Imagine play dates at the park, café catch ups with your mum friends and countless other outing with your baby. So choose a product that is made if premium materials and will last, otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to fork out for a replacement before you know it.

The Ben & Ellie Baby Change Clutch is proudly designed in Australia and made with premium materials. Designed by mums for mums, we have considered every last detail with no compromises and ticked off everything you need to change your baby’s nappy quickly and easily, anywhere you go. See for yourself at

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