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How to choose the best value photographer for you

27 Feb, 2024
Pregnancy | Baby

There are so many photographers whose passion and skill illuminate the beauty of family memories. Every single photographer is amazing at what they do, so how are you supposed to to choose a photographer who just ‘gets’ it and you will feel the value and treasure your keepsake family photos forever?

It may be tempting to choose based on who will give you the best price but there is more to value than dollars spent, read on to become an expert in creative service selection.

1. How to start your search for a local photographer?

The best place to find a local creative service is on a creative platform - Instagram is an excellent example because it rewards creativity, quality and engagement over well-researched key words.

Try typing “Adelaide photographer” or “Adelaide Newborn Photographer” in to your search engine.

The PBC expo is also an amazing place to find your photographer, you can chat to the businesses in person, join their mailing list or snap up a special deal on the day. All the photographers at the PBC expo are there because they are top of the field and have a genuine business and studio operation .

Avoid “ top ten photographer” or similar lists. These are often pay for a spot lists and usually don’t reflect anything other than the studios marketing budget.

2. How do you know what photographer will suit you best?

Once you have searched on Instagram, start following a few of the pages and ensure they are putting up regular posts that are all great images. Professional and quality photographers should be posting every week at least. You will also get the style and a feel for the personality of these photographers. If you feel you could spend a whole day with them chatting away about your newborn and you think they would have a world of advice to offer you in return you are getting close to finding a match perfect for your family.

3.How to get the best value for your time and money when booking a photographer?

- Book at the PBC expo all your favourite photographers will be
- Sign up to your favourite photographers newsletter and socials to keep an eye out for last minute spots and special deals
- Consider what you might do with the photos in your home so you don’t purchase products you’ll never value
- Session fees are a token amount to cover the cost of your booking, don’t waste your valuable time price matching photographers on the session fee as it won’t reflect the quality of the photographer or the value you receive. Once you pick a photographer ask for their best price, book and tick it off your list, saving $100 here or there won’t make up for missing out on your favourite
- Don’t buy digital only packages, this can be very tempting and seems better value in the moment. But you pay more in the end or the value isn’t represents as photos become more valuable over time when they are appreciated and admired over the years
- Website pricing for ALL photographers is a starting point, a guide-line only and is often creatively worded and varies in transparency. For professional photography you can assume you will spend a minimum of $1000 to get good value, even if there are packages available for less. Value above this price will vary greatly depending on photographers

4. Questions to ask your favourite photographers at the PBC expo or when enquiring with a studio:

How many people in your team?
How much do clients normally spend with your business?
Do you offer payment plans?
How long does the appointment take?
When can I see the photos?
What’s your reschedule policy?
How do I know my baby will be safe at your studio?
What if my baby cries or my children mis-behave?
What is included in my session fee?
Will I see my photos online or in person?
Do you provide digital copies of the photos?
How can I get the best value with your business?

5. Should I choose a studio or independent photographer?

An independent photographer will almost always be cheaper. They have creative freedom to re-create a style you like and are often more willing to travel to your home or may not have a studio at all.

A photography studio comes with a quality guarantee, they may cost a little more than the independent photographer but your guaranteed to receive your photos and they are often willing to provide an exact turn around time. Editing will be consistent and you can expect your images to look as advertised. Cancellations and reschedules are less likely and availability will be more accessible. Studios have insurance, answer to the ATO and ACCC usually have properly qualified photographers. Studios will have the best range of products to suit your home and are made up of a team of people to answer your every need and assure your experience is seamless. Most modern photography studios stick with a small business, independent feel but there are many people and systems in place behind the scenes to assure you receive the best service and quality images.

Article supplied by Precious Pearl Photography whom will be at the PBC BABY Expo in Adelaide.

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