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How to dress for your post-baby body

27 Nov, 2023

Being a new mum can be tough. You are sleep deprived, struggling to get your head around feeding this new baby in a body you don't recognise - throw in what to wear to accommodate both and it can be a minefield. The trick is to build an easy capsule wardrobe that will take all the stress out of dressing.

PBC Expo asked Lucie Trinco, founder of Il Tutto luxury baby bags and mum of three, how to dress for your new body...

Having been a ‘pre-pregnancy’ dress wearer, this was essential for me. I just didn't own anything that was suitable for feeding that didn't involve flashing things I would prefer not to. Couple that with a body that didn't fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes anyway - it involved a wardrobe overhaul.

My answer to building the perfect breastfeeding capsule wardrobe consists of two things - foundation pieces and separates.

The nursing singlet

The nursing singlet is the key to breastfeeding friendly dressing. It acts as a bra and singlet in one, it covers your stomach when lifting your shirt to feed and basically allows you to feed discreetly at all times. Trust me on this and buy one in every colour. I loved BONDS but Target also offer a good one and there are many other brands found on maternity websites.

Good underwear

Good underwear is another essential. If its moisture wicking, breathable, comfortable and looks good then buy in bulk! I love the new brand MODIBODI. It's designed and made in Australia and features amazing technology that absorbs any moisture and did I mention comfortable?

A comfortable nursing bra will be your best friend especially when it's too hot for a singlet. I love CAKE lingerie as its stylish, modern and discreetly sexy.

Elastic waist pants

The elastic waist pant was sent down from heaven for all breastfeeding mothers. No longer do you have to wear your track suit or yoga pants for comfort, Bohemian Traders designs are a game changer. I have them in every colour and base every outfit around them. They look as great with a heel or a pair of Converse sneakers, making them the perfect day to night pant. No wonder they are a blogger favourite.

Floaty tops

Floaty tops hide every lump and bump and with such pretty versions by Country Road you will always look stylish. Team with every wardrobes’ must have skinny black pant to balance out the upper volume and you are sorted. A pant that is super stretchy and feels like a legging - you can't go wrong.


If like me, you are a dress girl then this is the hardest thing to give up. Dresses - the perfect one piece dressing staple just doesn't work when breastfeeding unless of course its a button front version. The key to making this work whilst feeding is to team with a nursing singlet underneath so when the dress is open your tummy is concealed.

Chambray shirt

The chambray shirt is one piece that is needed in every capsule wardrobe. Teamed with the elastic waist pant by day or dressed up with the black skinnies by night, it will take you everywhere.

Nappy bag

And of course, no outfit is complete without a killer leather baby bag.

Find out more about Il Tutto here

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