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How to manage when parenting becomes overwhelming

27 Nov, 2023

Ever feel like there is way too much happening around you with advice and information being thrown in your face constantly; you are fumbling over little things, you still do not know what to do, everything just seems too much to handle!

When you're feeling overwhelmed, reaching a state of parenting zen can be a difficult concept to imagine. And face it, is it really even possible?

What do parents really need when the bubble is about to burst; there is information overload coming from all angles; the mother-in-law, conflicting advice from Google and; those parenting expectations that you once had have exploded into space.

Well, this is a time to breathe. Take a long deep breath. Be kind to yourself and reflect on what is important to you. Explore what is impacting your situation and consider the emotions you are feeling.

Empathising with yourself can help you discover your triggers and allow you to break things down into smaller chunks so you can work through one thing at a time.

Each steady step of self-reflection can guide you to meet the needs of yourself and your child or children.

It's important to remind yourself that you are not alone and reaching out is perfectly normal. By reaching out to other parents, you will soon find that many have or are experiencing the same feelings and thoughts as you.

Seeking individual support can also help you cut some of the noise and hold the space that is yours. This can be a professional already in your life, or you can explore other parenting support options such as Parentline - it's a free, non-judgemental counselling service available 7 days a week. 1300 30 1300.

Article supplied by Parentline.

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