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Postpartum Recovery Essentials Checklist

27 Nov, 2023
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The journey of pregnancy and birth can take a toll on mothers both physically and emotionally. Aside from vaginal discharge, perineal tearing, and other postpartum problems, mums may also experience baby blues or depression. Along with having an understanding environment, it also helps to have proper nutrition, enough rest, and support wear to minimise discomfort and pain.

To guide you, these are some must-haves for you to promote faster postpartum recovery:

Labour Prep and Postpartum Recovery Box

Postpartum presents an unchartered territory for many new mothers. Bubba Bump labour prep and postpartum recovery kits aim to help ease the unexpected pain and discomfort that follows on from having a baby.

Postpartum Underwear

Regular underwear may not be enough for mums during their recovery phase. For your postpartum underwear, look for the right fit, stretchability, coverage, and comfortability for your bubba bump. Invest in something durable to aid you not only during but also after pregnancy. Underwear with anti-bacterial and eco-friendly properties are safer for you and the planet.

Postpartum Disposable Underwear

Depending on your preference, you may also consider the use of disposable maternity underwear. You could use the ultra-absorbent “partum panties” before giving birth to support you in the event that your water breaks. Additionally, these would be very useful during your first heavy postpartum days and can be a suitable replacement to your typical menstrual sanitary pads and adult diapers.

Recovery Support Wear Shorts

Healing after giving birth takes time, so your body needs extra love and care. Wearing support wear provides gentle and adequate compression to assist in easing lower back pain, abdominal separation, c-section wounds, and other similar health concerns.

Nursing Support Wear Tank

Another recovery essential is a nursing support wear tank. Support tanks are made not only for body compression but also for more convenient breastfeeding. The multipurpose tank offers compression to help relieve body pain, while providing easy access for breastfeeding.

Pregnancy Support Belly Belt

Complete your postpartum recovery essential list with a pregnancy belly belt. These belts help distribute the weight of your baby across your back and abdomen. This way, you can free yourself from unnecessary pressure and pain. T

The postpartum recovery essentials aid in escalating your healing after giving birth. If you are unsure about your health condition, seek medical advice

Article supplied by Bubba Bump

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