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Pregnancy happiness

27 Nov, 2023

To All Mothers and Mothers To Be

"Let us make pregnancy an occasion when we appreciate our female bodies."

- Merete Leonhardt-Lupa -

Most of us women know that as natural and beautiful as it is, pregnancy can be emotionally and physically challenging at times.

We feel exhausted nearly all the time, have insomnia, and are short of breath. We also feel an urge to use the bathroom more often because of the pressure in our lower belly.

We might also feel hungry and yet nausea at the same time. Back pain is also a common problem during pregnancy. Not to mention the hormone that is messing up with our feelings.


For all those reasons, we need as much support as we can get, both from within and outside ourselves.

We are here to give you the physical support that you need during your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

1. Eat healthy

A balanced diet can increase immunity, boost your energy, and improve longevity.

2. Sleep

It’s essential to get a sufficient amount of sleep while pregnant. Nap when you can, work on a relaxing bedtime routine, and prioritise getting rest each day.

3. Exercise

Exercise has been proven to reduce anxiety and feelings of depression. It increases the amount of endorphins produced by the body, which bring feelings of happiness, and help reduce feelings of pain. Remember to talk to your doctor about exercises that are safe for you.

4. Stay hydrated

  • Water helps with kidney and liver functions for both you and the baby.

  • Drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day to help ease constipation and fatigue.

  • Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks, which can cause dehydration.

  • Drink liquids between meals — not with them — to avoid heartburn.

5. Prepare for home, finances, plans for baby

Preparing your home and finances before your little one is born can make you feel more secure and confident about your ability to provide for them. Taking action and creating a plan can help you feel in control and positively impact your mood.

6. Banishing back pain

Backache is the most common problem in pregnancy. To keep your body balanced, your back curves inward as your uterus grows. This change in posture causes varying degrees of backache.

  • Sit, stand, and walk with your back straight.

  • When lifting something from the floor, bend your knees instead of bending at your waist.

  • Avoid wearing high heels and shoes that don’t provide enough support.

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Article supplied by Plié Australia.

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