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Protecting your everyday investment with a pram liner

27 Nov, 2023
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At the beginning of your baby’s life they may not be overly messy, but I can assure you, as they grow and hit all those wonderful milestones, the mess will grow too.

There are many functional products on the market that help with cleaning up your little one’s mess. Whether it be for in the home, the car or out and about.

Have you considered purchasing a pram liner to keep your pram clean and in good condition?

A pram liner not only acts as insulation and comfort for your baby but will also serve as a protective lining to your pram. Your pram is a huge investment, let's protect it as much as we can.

Choosing the right pram liner for the job is important and can be hard, so we here are a few quick tips on what you should look out for when making your purchase.


When choosing your pram liner, it’s important for it to fit your pram nicely. Universal Pram Liners are a great option and are carefully designed to be versatile. You need your pram liner to be easy to fit, quick to remove and easy to wash.

Vertical slots will make it easy to fit and find the shoulder harness and will be suitable to all shoulder height settings. You should ensure the pram liner you choose is lightweight and will fold down with your pram.


Keeping your little one snuggly in winter and cool in the summer is always most important when out and about in the pram.

Choosing a pram liner that is generously padded with at least 300gsm and made from a good quality cotton material should be top of the list. A good quality cotton will be breathable suiting all seasons and will also be gentle and soft on baby’s skin.

Looking for a pram liner made from 100% cotton material with a generous filling will give lots of comfort on all those bumpy rides.

Quality & Design

Getting the best life out of your Pram liner is of the utmost importance, so you need one that is durable. A medium weight 100% cotton material will provide resistance for daily wear and tear.

Reinforced stitching in the joints will give longevity and strength to your liner. A good fitting liner will fit nicely from head to toe. Choosing a brand you can trust that carefully designs and considers every detail to ensure long lasting quality is a must.

It's always good to check in and read the reviews before making a purchase. Looking for a pram liner that has been recognised and reviewed by loyal customers for quality and maintaining consistency is a good indication of a brand's standard.

Easy to Clean

Besides comfort, protecting your pram is super important. We want to ensure the longest life of your pram and protect your investment.

With all the drool from teething, the accidents from toilet training or the messy eaters who manage to get their food everywhere but the bib, you want to ensure your pram liner protects as much of your pram as possible.

Choosing a liner that has a wide seat providing good coverage to your pram is a must and makes cleaning of your pram easier. Your pram liner will become dirty eventually, saving your pram, so choose a liner that is full machine washable.

Popping your liner into a wash bag and using a cold gentle cycle, will help prolong the life of your liner, keeping it looking vibrant for longer. We also recommend having a rotation of two pram liners so you can get going again straight after clean up.

Patterns & Style

This is the exciting part and was probably the first thing you thought about when we mentioned Pram Liner. Choosing which print and pattern to purchase to suit your style and beautify your pram. There are many beautiful materials and patterns out there to choose from and every pram liner company will offer something different.

Wonderland4children liners are all designed in Perth, Western Australia. They work alongside global artists supporting their small businesses to create their exclusive hand sketched designs that you will not see elsewhere.

Their pram liners come with matching shoulder straps, with the option to purchase a matching bar cover and all their liners are reversible, so you get 2 styles in 1!

Article supplied by wonderland4children.

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