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Selecting a cot or bassinet for your newborn

27 Nov, 2023
Pregnancy | Baby

When choosing a cot or bassinet for your newborn baby, safety needs to be the most important consideration.

You want to select a product that meets current Australian standards and that features a firm, safety-approved mattress. What is inside the cot is important too; there should not be any comforters, pillows and toys placed inside the cot or bassinet at any time.

Sentimental Cots

For some families, sentiment plays a part when selecting a cot or bassinet, with bassinets or cots passed down through generations. It is important to note that some of these bassinets would not pass today’s safety standards so it would be best to keep the sentimental objects to items that don’t risk your newborns safety.

Aesthetics, things to think about

For many, aesthetics are a key consideration and there is now an extensive range of cots and bassinets available, in varying shapes and sizes, to suit every style of room. Whether it is a compact bassinet that can move between rooms, or a modern egg-shaped bassinet on wheels, parents-to-be are now spoilt for choice.

Many families opt for a lightweight bassinet for baby’s first bed, to ensure the bassinet can be moved from room-to-room, or even set up in the parent’s room. This also ensures an easy transition home from hospital.

Others are looking for a smart bassinet that does the ‘settling’ for them. Luckily, there is now a INPAA approved smart bassinet available in the Australian market that allows you to free up your hands and save precious time in the day and night to catch up on some rest while your baby is soothed and comforted in the bassinet.

Article supplied by 4moms Australia.

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