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Swaddling your newborn

27 Nov, 2023

Swaddling may seem like a difficult task and often feel like you need to know origami inside out to get it right. Well not anymore thanks to Ergo Pouch and their swaddles – they make for the simplest way to swaddle your newborn.

PBC Expo spoke with Tracey from Ergo Pouch to get some basic tips on swaddling your newborn.

“All newborn babies are different. Some like to feel snug, warm and secure and others like a little more freedom. For those that like the security at an early stage of development, swaddling is a great way to comfort them whilst keeping their startle (Moro) reflexes contained” explained Tracey.

“Containing the sudden movements (or startle reflex) by using a swaddle may help a baby to sleep for longer. Many parents also find their baby will settle more easily when securely wrapped” she added.

There are many other benefits of swaddling, these include:

  • Helping a baby focus on breastfeeding by keeping their arms and legs out of the way
  • Preventing a newborn baby from scratching themselves with their nails as their hands are tucked into the swaddle
  • Keeping a baby’s body warm in the early stages when their ability to regulate their body temperature is still developing

Tips for swaddling a wriggler

Our swaddles are exactly designed for this purpose, to make it easy for mums to swaddle a baby, no matter how wriggly they are!

Things to remember when swaddling:

*Always place baby on his/her back to sleep. Once they start rolling they should transition from a swaddle to a sleeping bag *Select a size that is right for your baby now *Avoid overheating - make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature (between 16 - 20 degrees C) and that the baby is dressed appropriately underneath *Avoid using loose blankets as you place baby at increased risk of SIDS. If the baby is in the right Tog rated swaddle then there should be no need for blankets

Find out more about Ergo Pouch here

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