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The DAD test!

27 Nov, 2023
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It’s one of our favourite things here at Munchkin & Bear - quietly watching the dads-to-be at a Pregnancy, Baby expo. We often see them hanging back with their arms folded, overwhelmed by the whole shopping for a baby thing. Their facial expressions often read overwhelmed, mild-shock or sometimes “why do we even need this stuff?”

But, as they come inside our Munchkin & Bear stand, there is always a pretty cool moment when a new father or dad-to-be reluctantly walks on to one of our Luxe Play Mats for the first time. We can tell at first they don’t really understand this whole play mat thing tbh, and then they walk on to our heavenly, squishy memory foam mats, their expression changes instantly and they usually say something like “Oooh, WOW, it’s so soft and squishy” and do a few very manly bounces to test it out. They then start chatting about how they can see themselves getting down to play with their new little mate and even watching the football together. ⠀

A few weeks later, we often get awesome emails and messages from the Mummas, telling us that their husband wasn’t sure they needed a play mat (we know!) and now he is CONVERTED big time! ⠀

We’re told stories that he plays far more on the floor with his kids now, or he takes a nap on it every day. Or his friends happily sleep the night on it after a few beers! Or he takes it camping. Or he wants to buy more and cover the whole house!!⠀

So that’s the “Dad Test” and it’s the best!

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