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Top tips for choosing a pram liner

27 Nov, 2023

A Pram Liner will not only make your bub’s pram ride more enjoyable but also protect your prams from spills and messes. Here are some practical tips to consider when buying your first Pram Liner.

Here are some practical factors to look out for:

  1. Custom made or Universal Fit With so many choices out there, it may get confusing. Firstly, you may think about whether you should get a custom-made liner or a universal one. Basically, what you want is a liner that is comfortable and well-fitting. While both liners may serve this purpose, a custom made one will cost about twice as much. Moreover, some Universal Pram Liners are cleverly designed to fit all prams and strollers, so ask yourself if it is worth paying that much more. Beyond custom vs universal liner, there are other key factors to consider.

  2. Comfort This is the key consideration for the liner and should not be overlooked. After all, comfort for your baby is the most important factor. Make sure the pram liner has adequate padding for baby to sit on and will feel comfortable even when the road gets bumpy. Many liners are too thin or some may charge you extra for additional filling. Choose a liner that has at least 300gsm density of padding to absorb bumps in the road.

  3. Cotton Twill A Cotton Liner will be more comfortable for baby as cotton is a breathable material and will be suitable for all seasons. Cotton Twill is a soft material that will feel soft on baby’s gentle skin.

  4. Easy to Use Make sure the liner you choose is easy and convenient to use so that you can get your baby in and out of the pram quickly. A Pram Liner with vertical slots allows for easy access to the harness straps. You can buckle up your bub quickly and be on your way in no time.

  5. Easy to care for Prams and strollers are getting more expensive and a pram liner will help protect your investment. Besides keeping baby comfortable, the liner will also keep your pram clean, by protecting it from messes and spills. A reversible Pram Liner is especially useful as it allows you to use both sides of the liner. The liner will eventually get soiled and messy so make sure you choose one that is fully machine washable.

  6. Durable Your pram is always out and about, which means your pram liner needs to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. Choose a liner that is made from durable material with reinforced stitching at the joints. Cotton twill with its distinct diagonal lines is an extremely durable material with a soft feel. It is made from breathable natural cotton fibre by an interlaced weaving process that produces a medium weight material that is more resistant to wrinkles, stains and tears. This makes cotton twill an ideal material for pram liners and is perfect for your baby’s outdoor activities.

  7. Practical & Style Lastly, besides all of the above, a pram liner will also beautify your pram and let you travel in style. Liners with a vibrant print or exclusive design will brighten up an old pram or make your pram stands out. It is an added bonus if the liners come with matching accessories like; harness covers, pram organiser, head support, and footmuff. This will let you customise your look and equip your pram for all seasons. Keep Me Cosy® makes Pram accessories that apply practical design, quality material and exclusive print. Our Pram Liners, footmuffs sets and matching accessories will turn your pram into a snuggly haven for your baby. We offer quality products at best prices in Australia since 2011.

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