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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Pram

27 Nov, 2023

Written by Alice Bingham

I am a Mumma to three young children. All three children were born in just over three years.

Having a pram was a non-negotiable for me as it was an easy way to get out of the house and transport our young children. Over the past four years, I have had great experience with using prams. As a mummy blogger, I have written many product reviews for mums including a number for pram brands.

I have trialled single prams, double prams, triple prams as well as travel prams. Not to mention my own personal experience with purchasing our own double pram as well and buying a travel pram for an overseas trip.

I have used a pram every single day for the last 4 years as we go out for our daily activities or our daily walk around the block.

My fundamental advice to you when purchasing your child’s new wheels, make sure you really put some thought into it. It is so much more than just ticking off a shopping list.

It does not have to be an overwhelming experience. Just spend some time writing a list of what you will be using the pram for, your budget and what features you would you like the pram to have.

Here are some of my top tips for choosing the right pram.

1. How many passengers will the pram be carrying?
A few things to consider here would be will you be carrying one or more passengers, you may be planning for your first child or planning for a bigger family, you could also be carrying twins.

Write down your future family plans and what you could possibly have in store for your pram. Something to consider here to would be if the pram can grow with your baby or not, does it have a bassinet, baby capsule adapters or can the child seat alternate between forward or back facing?

2. Does it fold up easy?
If you are unable to demo the pram for yourself, then try and watch some virtual demos online to see them in action.

When folding the pram, can you do it in a calming and simple manner. Some prams can be folded at the flick of a switch, while others need a good wrestle and an instruction manual every time you need to collapse it.

3. What will you mostly be using the pram for?
Make sure you research the pram model and ask yourself; is this suitable to my lifestyle?

There are lots of prams on the market that are great for different things, some are built for running, others for the luxury of heading to the shops, some prams are designed to do both. It is important to also consider the surfaces you will be pushing the pram on, e.g. grass, foot paths, hills, flat smooth floor.

4. Size
Check out the pram’s descriptions for measurements and weight.

Remember at some point, you will need to lift the pram to put in your car. Check out how heavy the frame and attachments are as well as their combined weight to avoid lugging a big heavy pram in and out the boot or up and down the stairs. If you are wanting the pram to get around the local shops, make sure your pram is not too wide and is suited to getting in and out of skinny doorways like parents’ rooms or public bathrooms. Note your car boot size when browsing for a pram, will it fit in there among the other usual things you store in your boot.

5. Fitting in all the things that come with having children.
Think where you want your nappy bag, water bottle, snacks and possibly shopping to go when you are getting around.

Does the pram come with storage options like a basket or does it have attachments to hang nappy bag on the handles? Having little ones means having all the things, and the less you must physically carry the better. You will undoubtedly need your hands free and It will make pushing the pram a lot easier.

6. Budget
Decide on your budget before you start to shop.

Prams can range from a modest price to thousands of dollars. They can be simple in design or include all the gadgets and fidgets, including ones that sing the ABC. Browsing the online catalogue from cheap to expensive in a great way to look at all your options.

7. Are the handles adjustable?
Adjustable handles allow for flexibility.

Adjustable handles might be something you want to consider, for instance my husband is tall, and I am short, so adjustable handles were a must for us.

8. Is the pram suitable for a newborn?
Check the safety age requirements of the pram.

Can the baby or babies be in in the pram from newborn age? You may want to consider a baby capsule as well or a bassinet for baby to sleep in while on the go. Check to see if the pram is suitable for your babies needs at all ages.

9. Can the baby/child face you or face forward?
Rear or Forward Facing?

This is great to consider if you want to watch your little one during the younger months. As my children grew, they became more observant and loved facing away and looking out at all things.

10. Be open minded.
Always keep an open mind.

Although you may be very organised and know exactly what you want to purchase, keep an open mind when shopping for a pram as something else may capture your eye or suit your family lifestyle more.

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