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What makes a product truly organic?

27 Nov, 2023

"The shift toward natural and organic skincare products has indeed gained momentum with the increasing concern for health and environmental sustainability. However, the terms "organic" and "natural" can be misleading, often leading to confusion among consumers. The practice of greenwashing, where products are deceptively marketed as environmentally friendly or organic, has become more prevalent, undermining the trust of consumers.

The Australian Trade Practices Act has been revised to penalize companies providing misleading environmental claims. Despite these regulations, many manufacturers manipulate labels with terms like "organic" or "natural" without proper certification, taking advantage of loopholes in the system.

Understanding the difference between "natural" and "organic" skincare is crucial. While "natural" suggests that a product contains ingredients derived from nature, "organic" refers to products grown and processed without synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms. It's essential to look for certification from recognized bodies like Australian Certified Organic (ACO) or NASAA Certified Organic to ensure authenticity.

The skin, being the body's largest organ, plays a vital role in protection and regulation. Recent scientific discussions indicate that chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, potentially causing irritation, sensitization, and tissue damage. Ingredients like parabens and mineral oils, commonly found in skincare products, have been associated with various health issues, including dermatitis.

Opting for organic skincare not only reduces exposure to harmful chemicals but also benefits the environment by promoting the growth and cultivation of ingredients without pesticides and chemicals.

To ensure products are genuinely organic, consumers should examine the ingredient lists and look for certifications from reputable associations like ACO or NASAA. These certifications guarantee that the products have met strict criteria regarding ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging."

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