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What to take on your first day out with your newborn

27 Nov, 2023

What to take on your first day out with your newborn

By Redsbaby

The time has finally arrived where you’re ready to face the world, with your newborn by your side. It can be nerve wracking and even a little scary, but as long as you’re organised it’ll be the first of hundreds.

The first time you pack for your first outing with your newborn, it may feel like you’re packing for a month-long stint overseas somewhere. Don’t fear; this is totally normal. It’s much better to over prepare, and if you’ve got a pram that can fit everything in, you’re halfway there!

While we can’t promise that everything will go smoothly, we can guarantee that tackling the day with a smile on your face and remembering to remain calm will result in success. An important factor to take into consideration is where your first outing will be. You’re going to be more stressed taking your baby to an obscure family birthday dinner at a busy restaurant than just for a walk around the block.

The saying “practice makes perfect” really does apply to all parts of life, including taking your newborn out of the house for those first few times. If you can have someone accompany you for the first couple of trips, even better! If not, don’t stress; you’ll be absolutely fine. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide for what to take on your first outing with your newborn, and rest assured we’ve got you covered.

The essentials

Whether you’re going for a quick lap of the park or to a 5-hour dinner extravaganza, there are always going to be items you should bring with you every time. These should stay stocked up in your nappy bag/clutch/handbag, and it doesn’t hurt to have an extra bag packed with the essentials that you can grab-and-go.

  • Nappies and wipes: You can never ever be too prepared with too many nappies. Accidents happen, and sometimes they happen several times within the space of a mere hour. Bring enough nappies so you’ll never have to worry about running out and same as the wipes. Who knows; you could be that mum that saves another from a nappy-less situation
  • Change of clothing: There’s a high chance that you’re going to need to change clothing more than once, and vomit/poo explosions are almost guaranteed. Prepare wisely for the elements and always carry a warmer jacket and hat for extra sun protection
  • Mode of transport: You want your most precious treasure to be as snug and secure as possible, and that calls for a seriously safe, comfortable pram
  • Breastfeeding/bottle-feeding accessories: Your newborn is like you, except that they need to eat a million times more often than you. To feed their growing body, it’s going to mean a lot of stopping to feed. This means formula and bottles if you’re bottle-feeding, and water, bibs and a burp cloth whether you’re doing both.

The extras

If you’re running super late, you should be covered with our basics essentials list. However, as this is your first time out with your newborn, we’re betting you want to be extra organised and be prepared for any scenario that may be hurled at you (including vomit, milk, tears or toys!)

  • Blankets: You can never bring enough blankets for your bub, and we like to always carry a couple of spares. A thicker one to face colder temperatures, and a light summer one to keep pesky flies away and protect your baby’s skin
  • Baby Panadol and ointments: We all get sick or injured at some point as babies, so it makes sense to always be ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Have baby Panadol on hand when necessary (for babies older than 1 month), and don’t forget to bring soothing gum gel, nappy rash ointment and anything else that your newborn may need
  • Favourite toy: There’s something insanely comfortable about having your favourite item with you, and this is the exact same for newborn babies. A 2009 study revealed that babies recognise their mother’s scent, and this can be said the same for their favourite toy. Try sleeping with their blanket/favourite stuffed animal for a couple of nights. When bub is reunited with their item they’ll feel calmer than ever.
  • Things for yourself: Don’t forget yourself in this entire equation. After all, if you’re not settled and feeling calm, how is your newborn meant to?! Bring a spare change of clothing for yourself (because accidents are to be expected), as well as snacks, water, wallet, sun protection and anything else you’ll need to tackle the day.

At the end of the day, everyone will have to go out with their newborn for the first time. By preparing the night before and having the car packed and ready to go, your day is more likely to run smoothly. Remember that motherhood is such a special time, and that we all go through it. Have a wonderful first day out with your newborn!

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