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Why Baby Book Apps Are Trending

14 May, 2024

Having a baby is undoubtedly an exciting journey with lots to prepare. Amidst the frenzy of buying and organising, one essential baby item often slips our minds: baby books. We forget about preserving those precious early memories, from bump photos to baby’s first year milestones. And now there’s a new trend emerging to simplify the process for parents - baby book apps. Read on to find out why this trend is sweeping across Australia.

Why Make a Baby Book?
Your baby’s first year is packed with special moments and milestones, like their first smile or first beach day. Each week brings something new and exciting to celebrate. With so much happening in the first year, the memories and details behind the special moments can start to become a blur. Before you know it, you’ll be preparing your baby’s first birthday cake smash wondering where the time went!

Plus, we’re all guilty of taking an abundance of baby photos on our phone to capture the precious moments! But too often these photos get stuck on our phone.

Building a baby book not only preserves these memories but also creates a tangible keepsake for your family to cherish in the years to come. It’s a beautiful way to remember the early days and tell stories to your growing children, helping their development through happy memories.

Why Traditional Paper Baby Books Are No Longer Practical?
For a long time, traditional paper baby books were the norm, often received as gifts at baby showers. However, as busy parents, pulling out the baby book each month to write memories and add photos can be impractical. Finding time to sit down and jot memories becomes a bit of a hassle and unfortunately, these books often remain unfinished or, even worse, untouched.

Printing photos at a kiosk also becomes a tedious chore. Making the trip to a department store every month to print photos and then sticking them in the baby book is difficult to keep up with.

Moreover, remembering to fill out the baby book, among all the other things busy parents are juggling, can be challenging. It’s easy to forget, leading to missing entries and blank pages in your baby book.

With paper-based baby books, there’s often a fear of making mistakes - after all, crossing out words doesn’t look nice on the pages. We wait for the perfect moment to write in our baby book, but it never seems to come, so we just end up putting it off.

It’s no wonder why baby books are often left unfinished.

The Rise of Baby Book Apps
Baby Book Apps offer a convenient way to create a baby book, providing the best of both worlds. With digital apps, you can easily compile memories on your phone while still having the option to order a physical keepsake to cherish forever.

With Baby Book Apps, you can write memories at your convenience, anytime and anywhere. This flexibility is particularly helpful for busy parents, as you can easily write memories while feeding your baby or during cuddle sessions on the couch. Plus, there’s no need to worry about printing photos at a kiosk because you can conveniently upload them directly from your phone, where all your photos are stored.

How to Choose the Right Baby Book App
When selecting a Baby Book App, consider the following:

1. Notifications: Ensure the app offers custom reminders to prompt you to complete entries. This is particularly helpful for busy parents.
2. Printing Options: Confirm that you can order a printed book at the end of the first year for a tangible keepsake.
3. Prompts for Writing: Look for prompts that make writing memories easy. Answering a few questions is a lot easier instead of staring at a blank screen.
4. User-Friendliness: Evaluate the app’s ease of use and the time it would take to update your baby book, ensuring an effortless experience.
5. Availability in Australia: Check if the app and book printing are available in Australia. Better yet, check to see if the company is an Australian based business.
6. Compatibility: Confirm that the app is compatible with your device’s operating system, whether iOS or Google Play.

Meet the Dujourbaby Memory Book App
The Dujourbaby Memory Book App was created by an Australian mum who struggled to keep her son’s baby book updated. Dujourbaby aims to simplify the baby book process with an app that takes just 5 minutes each month to update. Custom notifications remind parents to write memories and upload photos, making it effortless to keep up with. And when your baby's first year comes to an end, you can easily order a stunning hardcover book that will be delivered straight to your doorstep. With thousands of users already embracing the app, it’s become a cherished keepsake for many parents across Australia. The app is available on iOS and Android to try for free.

Absolutely love it! It's so easy to use and very convenient. Such a great idea because once l've finished my babies books I can order them and have something of them for LIFE! Took two seconds to download the app and set it up, such a great idea instead on filling out all these pages in a book, this one asks you, the milestones which makes it soo much easier,” Mum to Kehlani & Esiah

Article by Dujourbaby, whom will be exhibiting at the PBC BABY Expo, Sydney, 18 + 19 May, 2024.

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