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Why do I need a maternity bra?

27 Nov, 2023

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Make sure you take your vitamins, folic acid, exercise each day, check your medications, don’t drink, sing to your baby, wear a maternity bra, cut down on caffeine and lather your belly in moisturizer!

So, why do I need a maternity bra?

First Trimester: When you are pregnant, your belly (obviously) changes, as do your breasts. This is because they are getting ready to feed your baby. They will start changing in the first trimester, sometimes dramatically and may be tender.

A seamless comfort bra at this stage is recommended. Why?


• They are super soft which means they will be comfortable They are stretchy which means they will stretch and recover for optimum support
• They don’t have any wires as wires may encroach on your rapidly changing breast tissue
• The good ones are double layer, which means they will last your pregnancy and you can wear them 24 hours a day
• And they are molded for your breasts which means they will not flatten them, proving for less irritated nipples and a non-mono boob appearance

2nd Trimester: Your breasts will usually be about 2 – 3 cups bigger than when you were not pregnant and the size should remain fairly constant at the front. Your baby is growing and this means your ribcage will be expanding too.

A structured maternity bra is recommended at this stage. Why?


• Cake Maternity flexible wires are specially shaped to sit wider and deeper on the body to avoid any encroachment on your breast tissue and to be ultimately more comfortable
• Maternity bras usually have 6 hook and eyes for ribcage expansion, as there’s nothing worse than a bra that’s too tight, especially when you can’t breathe because your baby’s foot is crushing your lung anyway
• They are specially designed to have lower cup support for you newly enlarged breasts meaning less likely to have any ligament damage that may result in the dreaded sag
• The straps on maternity and nursing bras are usually wider and more comfortable than everyday bras. So, you’ll only be uncomfortable because of your belly, not your boobs
• Your body temp increases when pregnant, so it’s best to be in a maternity bra that is cotton lined or breathable for the ultimate comfort
• When pregnant, your skin may also become super sensitive, especially your nipples, so try and find a maternity or nursing bra that has cotton taped seams or is molded over the breast for less irritation

Hot tip: Did you know your breasts will be approximately the same size at 8 months pregnant and 6 weeks post pregnancy? If you buy a good maternity/nursing bra at this stage it’s a win win!

3rd Trimester: So you’re ready to meet your baby and getting ready for the birth, so are your breasts.

A seamless maternity or nursing bra (with nursing clips) is recommended at this stage. Why?


• Your breasts will already be making colostrum and might even be leaking too. Double layer means no spills
• The days after your baby arrives, so will your milk and the size and weight of your breasts whether you breast-feed or not, will be large and heavy. This is when the most amount of change in such a short amount of time occurs. You’ll want to be comfortable so you can focus on your baby, and supported for the best breast care ever

The difference between a maternity and a nursing bra is usually just the clip that allows the cup to drop down for feeding.

Did you know: A nursing breast compared to a non-nursing breast in exactly the same size, can be up to 33% heavier.

Some women find it difficult to breastfeed and if you have a nursing bra, this makes life a whole lot easier to be able to reach your goals. Nursing bras are expertly designed with optimum breast health and feeding your baby the best way in mind. You can wear your seamless nursing bra during pregnancy as they are usually suited and designed for both in mind.

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